High Efficiency
Block storage high IOPS (input/output per second) throughput and low latency make it ideal for high performance applications.
Flexibility and Scalability
Horizontal scalability is extremely flexible with Block storage. Cluster nodes can be added as needed, or increasing overall storage capacity.
Block storage allows for frequent data rewriting while maintaining performance. It is compatible with several operating systems and file systems, making it suitable for companies of all sizes and configurations.
Granular Access Control
The server-based operating system manages storage blocks, allows it to optimise speed by grouping fast-changing data on specified blocks and storing static files on others.

How It Works

Each block is associated with a unique address, and the address is the only metadata assigned to each block.


  • Developers used block storage to store containerized apps on the cloud and to develop a block volume that allows for persistent storage of the whole container. This enables clean container management and migration as needed.
Disaster Recovery
  • Block storage enables you to keep clones in sync with production data. It ensures that transactional workloads on block storage are stored and retrieved without interruption if the primary disc fails.
Virtual Machines
  • Block storage allows virtual machine platforms such as Virtual Machine File Systems to easily increase or decrease virtual disk sizes and migrate virtual machine data between hosts.
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