Key Features

Scalable storage

Cloud Server can scale based on custom rules, responding instantly to storage and workload demands.

Easy management

Cloud Server is an IaaS service. Therefore, you can easily install operating systems, create DevOps environments, and build applications without having to manage hardware or install it.

Lower costs, better storage

Cloud Server is a pay-as-you-go basis, helping you in cost optimization.


Cloud computing customization
Cloud Server can meet your workload demands by instantly responding to various computing needs and resources.
Network security
Cloud Server offers a secure and reliable connection, enabling quick access for authorized users.
Zero cloud waste
With Cloud Server pay-as-you-go model, you can adapt your business depending on need and not on forecasts, reducing the risk or overprovisioning or missing capacity.

Cloud Server vs. Traditional Server

Traditional Server
Cloud Server
Setup Time
It may take weeks to set up a traditional server, depending on your requirements.
You can go online within minutes.
Traditional servers cannot be upgraded without going offline. Updating RAM, CPU, or disk space requires a maintenance window.
The cloud model allows you to scale with maximum possible uptime. Community-driven tools make cloud auto-scale and auto-provision cheaper.
High Availability (HA)
Traditional servers can offer High Availability if you can set up multiple servers with a load balancer. However, HA configuration is expensive in this model.
One of the main advantages of the cloud is that you can achieve HA quickly and with lesser expenses than most other hosting models.
Data Security
If security is your priority, then the best choice for you is a dedicated server (with maximum protection).
Security has always been a challenge with the cloud model. You’ll have to follow stringent measures to secure your data.
Dedicated servers require skill and time for management.
Cloud servers are compatible with iOS and Android making them easily manageable from your mobile phones!


Web development environment
  • Cloud Server is scalable as your business and website grow. You don't need to be concerned about running out of computing resources.
  • Hi Cloud supports high-I/O (input and output) databases and uses SSDs to increase data stability while achieving high I/O development.
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