Key Features

Multi-Cloud Solutions

Cloud-based MongoDB allows you to build and deploy databases to AWS, Azure or Google Cloud, or all of them to best meet your business needs. You can deploy MongoDB at geographical locations closest to your customers to reduce latency and to comply with laws and regulations.

Fast Development

Thanks to its architecture, MongoDB can be built fast. It uses a flexible document data model and a distributed database architecture that allows for easy scaling across multiple nodes. MongoDB also offers a range of tools and features that make it easy to develop, test, and deploy applications quickly and efficiently.

Built-In Security

MongoDB comes with built-in security that focuses on various aspects: authentication, authorization, auditing, data encryption, data security, and data sovereignty. MongoDB's enterprise-grade security measures make database deployment and management easier.


Real-Time Analysis
With MongoDB, integrating analytics into your applications becomes effortless. The platform integrates essential transactional and analytical data services required for delivering analytics-driven applications. Whether it's searching and querying records, aggregating and transforming data, or feeding machine learning models and rules-based engines, MongoDB can support any level of application intelligence.
High Scalability
MongoDB is highly scalable, allowing applications to handle large amounts of data and high levels of traffic. Its architecture is optimal for horizontal scaling. Applications can thus easily accommodate growing workloads. Additionally, MongoDB provides tools and features that enable developers to optimize performance and ensure that their applications continue to run smoothly as they scale.
There are also fully-managed MongoDB solutions that can benefit businesses of any size. It comes with automated provisioning, scaling, and backup, as well as round-the-clock monitoring. You can focus on developing your applications without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure.
Solving Data Silos
With MongoDB, developers can finally leave the burden of data silos and sprawl behind and truly unlock the value of data through a unified development experience.

How It Works


  • In the world of IoT, data is critical for enabling devices to make intelligent decisions and optimize performance. By leveraging MongoDB, businesses can harness the power of data to conduct real-time analysis, integrate multiple databases of varying structures, build ETL pipelines, utilize federated query engines, and incorporate serverless functions into their applications.
  • MongoDB can handle large amounts of data and support high levels of traffic, making it ideal for retailers to streamline inventory management, improve operational efficiency, and gain valuable insights into customer behavior. MongoDB can also instant sync data across different devices, enabling retailers to optimize their supply chain management, inventory tracking, and order fulfillment processes.
Mobile Applications
  • With a flexible and scalable data storage solution, MongoDB can handle the complex data requirements of mobile applications. Its ability to synchronize data in real-time across devices ensures that mobile apps have access to up-to-date information, enabling developers to deliver high-performance apps with an excellent user experience.
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