Key Features

Out-of-the-box feature

MySQL can pre-set suitable configuration parameters based on the server you choose, so you can start using it with a couple of clicks.

Comprehensive monitoring

The dashboard of MySQL provides important information, such as database load, for you. You can also create custom rules and detect anomalies.

Data recovery

MySQL supports disaster recover. If the database on-premise fails, you can switch to the backup database in use.


Data security
Access control
With MySQL, you can control access to your databases.
Defense mechanisms
MySQL is paired with multi-layer firewalls that can prevent attacks.
Disaster recovery
MySQL supports multile disaster recovery strategies that can help you minimize damage.
High scalability
MySQL supporting adding and deleting read-only instances to meet your business needs.
MySQL offers you different choices of instances, including general-purposes and dedicated ones.
Smart DevOps
MySQL can perform comprehensive intelligent monitoring, diagnosis, and optimization.
Custom monitoring
You can custom monitoring strategies with MySQL to better understand your database.

How It Works


  • MySQL can meet your business needs, providing secure storage solutions.
  • MySQL has high availability and throughput and is distinctly effective, which makes it ideal for e-governance.
Mobile gaming
  • MySQL is reliable and effective and can help you build and deploy games.
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