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Live streaming requires comprehensive real-time media processing capabilities. How do you double-check your specifications and live stream like a pro?

Major Challenges

Slow Video Upload Speed
Traditional transmission media formats were via cables or microwave. Data transmission cables are time-consuming to set up and relocate; however microwave transmission is easily affected by weather and blocked by objects, which impact on the effect of transmission.
Unable to Live Stream at Anytime
To start live streaming, the satellite trucks have to be present, and the post-production must be completed at the TV station.
High Operating Costs
Satellite trucks for broadcast and live streaming cost too much, which is not ideal for mass production of high-quality content.

How It Works

What is Live Streaming?
Live streaming is the practice of broadcasting video or audio content in real time over radio, TV, and the Internet. Radio streaming, TV streaming, Internet streaming, and so on are all examples of live streaming. Live streaming is highly interactive, low-cost, and effective in reaching the target audience. It is, therefore, one of the most popular marketing tools. Live Streaming solutions ensure low latency and high security. Our services also support various formats and include Push SDK and Player SDK for you to create your own live streaming.
Support Multiple Terminals :Live Streaming supports multiple video input formats, such as RTMP Push and HLS, to meet your needs. We also provide streaming SDK and support multiple terminals.
Video Data Analysis:Live Streaming can analyze your streaming in real time for you, providing information such as traffic and request details, which can help you expand your business.
Video Security:Live Streaming services include various defense mechanisms to protect your data, such as refer protection, URL authentication, IP black- and whitelists, and so on. 

Use Cases

Online Teaching
Online Teaching
Live Streaming allows teachers to answer questions in real-time and increases class efficiency. With its recording feature, Live Streaming can also improve learning effectiveness for students can review the content whenever they want.
Live Streaming provides high-quality streaming, which is ideal for the entertainment industry. Hi Cloud also makes it simple to moderate content during live streaming.
Live Streaming allows you to interact with the audience in real-time and thus improves communication between the seller and the buyer. Hi Cloud is perfect for any e-commerce business owner.
Sports Live Streaming
Sports Live Streaming
Live Streaming, in conjunction with a CDN, can provide low latency and the best viewing experience. Hi Cloud is your best choice for streaming sports events.
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