How to create a account and purchase your products?
Please contact our sales team before you make a purchase. Our cloud consultant will help you choose the solutions and cloud providers that best meet your needs. After you create our account, add funds to your account balance and proceed to make your purchase.
How do I top up my account balance?
We accepts a variety of top-up payment methods, including Visa and Master Card, PayPal, Tethern (USDT), Alipay, and Wechat Pay.
What type of cloud account do you provide? Do I have my own personal account?
We offers enterprise and international accounts, with your choice of a selected public cloud provider.
How do I get support from you?
We offers a range of plans with 24/7 support to maintain the operational health of your business solutions. To get in touch with Hi Cloud, submit your contact details and enquiries here.
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