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Cloud Managed Services

Should you be in the planning stage or already past implementation, migrating to the cloud is just the beginning. Enhance your cloud migration journey and get the most out of your existing cloud environment with cloud managed services.


What are cloud managed services?

Inclusive of cloud migration plans, managed cloud services include infrastructure configuration, cloud strategy development and implementation, optimization, maintenance, technical support, security and compliance services all for the cloud.

Increase your productivity with improved business resiliency and flexibility in resource allocation. This allows you to respond quickly and effectively to any changes and focus on achieving business goals.

What are cloud managed services?

Advantages of Cloud Managed Services

Optimize Resources and Cost

Optimize Resources and Cost

With cloud native services best suited to your requirements and the most cost-efficient pricing models, reduce your expenses of cloud network management and maintenance while optimizing cost, resources and performance.

Automatic Updates

Automatic Updates

Maintain peace of mind as your cloud infrastructure upgrades and updates automatically, keeping your system consistently up-to-date.

Robust Security and Compliance

Robust Security and Compliance

Get assistance in choosing the right cloud type and configurations to comply with the current regulations specific to your business and industry. Take advantage of cloud security tools and 24/7 support to immediately mitigate detected security exposures.

Business Continuity

Business Continuity

Cloud managed services help you handle load-balancing during peak load times to ensure the continuity of business operations during and after migration, freeing up your internal IT teams to focus on driving new business outcomes.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

The regularly-validated data backup and syncing capabilities of managed cloud services allow you to retrieve, restore, and re-deploy quickly without system-wide disruptions.

Consultation Process

Make the most out of the Cloud

EvaluationSTEP 1


Consult with our cloud experts regarding your objectives and requirements when it comes to your current cloud usage or cloud migration strategy.

RecommendationSTEP 2


Our experts will select the ideal services and pricing models most relevant to your requirements.

Planning and CustomizationSTEP 3

Planning and Customization

Collaborate with our experts to create a custom and detailed suite of cloud managed services ideal for your business needs.

ImplementationSTEP 4


Leave it to our experts to implement the selected services and manage your cloud(s) with minimal interference to your daily operations.


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