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Ships, ports, agents, authorities and other players work together to power global logistics, supply chain, and trade. Cloud solutions accelerate the maritime industry for enhanced productivity, cost savings and greater business outcomes.


Communication inefficiencies across oceans

At sea, limited internet bandwidth and the lack of IT specialists hampers cross-ocean collaboration and delays decisions with the inability to share information in real time. Improve communication and sharing of information and resources between numerous stakeholders in the maritime industry for faster, more informed decision-making, leading to greater efficiency. Well-architected solutions ensure reliable, uninterrupted service, no matter your location on the globe.
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Multicloud Management Platform

Retrieve and visualize data across your entire IT ecosystem with APM, RUM, log monitoring and more, for insights and optimization.


Machine Learning

Identify and circumvent traffic anomalies to optimize ocean traffic routes for speed and safety.


Internet of Things (IoT)

Automatically manager and monitor maritime IoT technologies (e.g. engine components, shipping containers), enhancing decision making based on real-time data.

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"With their advanced capabilities and excellent response speed, Hi Cloud has provided us with a full range of technical support. Be it in answering technical questions or solving problems immediately, the Hi Cloud team are efficient and professional, ensuring that all technical requirements are seamlessly achieved with no worries from the customer's end."

Director of Information Services, Edison Technology Incorporated

Edison Technology Incorporated
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"Hi Cloud has greatly improved the efficiency of our observability and CDN solutions. We are assured we can depend on the professional services of the Hi Cloud team to deliver projects reliably with minimum risk."

Head of DevSecOps and Production Support, ComfortDelGro


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