Key Features

DDoS Protection

Anit-DDoS Protection supports internet protocls TCP and UDP and can defend against SYN flood, ACK flood, null links. Through monitoring and analyzing data, it denies exception requests and effectively combats malicious attacks.

Access Control

You can manage access with custom rules on IP, IP sections, URI, CI, METHOD, request areas, parameters, headers, or protocols with Anti-DDoS and creates whitelists and blacklists, inspecting and intercepting every visit. Anti-DDoS can protect your website from unknown traffic.

Data Scrubbing

Anti-DDoS monitor traffic 24/7 for the presence of DDoS attacks. Anit-DDoS's AI-powered data scrubbing will start and protect your origin server once it detects malicious traffic.


Stopping DDoS attacks
Anti-DDoS provides protection against attacks from OSI layer 3, 4, and 7 and can effectively stop common DDoS attacks, lowering the chance of your websites being attacked.
Tbps protection
Anti-DDoS can direct visits from the internet to a scrubbing center with high bandwidth in 30 seconds and pass only clean traffic to the origin server to protect your server resources.
AI-powered protection
Anti-DDoS counters attacks of various types of DDoS attacks and constantly grows through auto optimizing protection algorithm and machine learning to precisely identify attacking IP addresses and filter out malicious traffic.
Traffic control
Anti-DDoS analyzes recent cloud security incidents and controls incoming traffic through DNS resolution. You can customize traffic control rules that meet your business needs.

How It Works


  • The gaming industry suffers greatly from DDoS attacks. Anti-DDoS can ensure the game's stability and improve player experience.
  • Anti-DDoS is in compliance with requirements for the finance industry and guarantes security and stability of online transcations.
  • Anti-DDoS provides protection while users visit your website and assure that your business is not affected by any incidents, especially during large campaigns.
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