Key Features

Website Speed Optimization

Take your website's performance to the next level with our CDN. Our global network of servers, intelligent routing algorithms, and advanced caching technologies minimize latency and ensure seamless content delivery, boosting engagement and driving business growth.

Enhanced Web Security

Boost your website's security and provide your visitors with a secure and faster web browsing experience. Our bespoke Anti-DDoS and WAF solutions provide traffic encryption and access controls to keep your website safe from potential cyber-attacks.

Synthetic Monitoring

Consolidate all your systems and apps into one easy-to-use interface with our CDN's log monitoring solution. Our cost-effective, scalable, and centralized logging provides comprehensive insights into your complicated architecture, so you can quickly identify and resolve issues before they impact your business.


Global Node Coverage
Hi Cloud’s partnership with 6 major public cloud services providers to provide global CDN solutions and cloud platforms gives you the edge to deliver lightning-fast content to over 99% of the world within milliseconds. Our powerful network of thousands of PoPs worldwide ensures your content is always delivered quickly and reliably.
With Hi Cloud's pay-as-you-go CDN pricing, you can enjoy the most flexible and cost-effective solution for your business needs. Our pricing model allows you to adjust costs to meet your budget and growth strategy while providing flexibility for nearly unlimited scalability. The cost is determined by the amount of CDN traffic delivered by each configured Point of Presence (PoP).
Precise Scheduling
By allocating scheduling domains, CDNs optimizes site speed for portal information, multimedia content, games, mobile apps, and other types of websites. With real-time data scheduling and node-level traffic prediction, scheduling accuracy is significantly improved, resulting in a better user experience.
Comprehensive Protection
Our CDN solutions offer 24/7 enterprise-level end-to-end tamper-prevention for HTTPS links and node content to ensure secure transfer between the origin server and the user. Our nodes verify the source file's correctness, while HTTPS protects links from intermediaries, providing you with peace of mind that your content is safe and secure.

How it works


Delivery of Large Files
  • To deliver large files without a size limit, the CDN retrieves smaller portions of files from the origin when a request for a file over 20MB is made. This is done by the CDN edge server, which requests the file in chunks from the origin when the CDN POP server receives a full or byte-range file request.
Small Files & Images Distribution
  • CDN accelerates the downloading of web content, including images and small files like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, from web portals, e-commerce sites, and news websites. The data is compressed and minified by CDN, reducing download time and enhancing the overall user experience.
Video Streaming
  • CDNs help provide a seamless video streaming experience by caching videos locally, reducing latency, and shortening the time it takes for the video to start playing. It also helps in reducing buffering for your users.
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